Loan from Islamic bank

We are on the verge of taking decision for loan (from Islamic bank specifically) and every time because of interest or RIBA factor we skip taking loan. We are in UAE and we need loan to stable our business but we are afraid of HARAM factor.
Please let me know under what conditions specifically it is allowed to take loan from Islamic bank, we definitely are not considering loan from any conventional bank due to the very reason of interest.


May Allah bless you.

If you are taking a loan from an Islamic bank then I am assuming it is riba free?


they say that it is free from Riba or interest but this is general impression that although Islamic banks say so but actually they are taking riba in the name of service charges and fine if you do not or can not pay on time.

So here is another twist to it that is the processing fee over money considered interest or Riba? what if they are taking fee in advance and what if they are charging something annually in the name of inflation or service charges or simply in the name of fee. Then will it become HARAM? we are extremely afraid of this word HARAM and even though we can take loan easily and inject in business we are unable to take a move.

JazakALLAH for your support
Bless you