Loan from Bank on interest

I need money for my agriculture needs. The Bank give me the required on some percentage but I won’t this loan due to the interest۔ But I listen to a mufti, he said if you get any goods or some agriculture products from bank and then return the money to the bank, this way is not included in interest. If anybody know about this please guide me.

May Allah bless you.

I am not sure if I understood what the Mufti meant. Have you tried to ask for clarification from him? If he is a reliable and local Mufti, then you should follow him.

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Mufti means that If you get money from bank and return the money with interest, it’s haram. He said if you get Some agricultural goods from bank (The value of things is equal to the amount of the bank). And in return you pay the money to the bank with interest.