Lithium mining stocks

A salaam alaykum i have been looking into investing in lithium mining stocks, ss i believe they have a bright future. However is it permissable to invest into lithium mining stocks? Which stocks are permissable to invest in and what platform would be best to use in this case?

Any information would be much appreciated I’m sure this will help others in the future also insh’allah



May Allah bless you.
Lithium is not haram so you could invest in it. However, you must do the shariah screening of the company you wish to invest in to determine if they are shariah compliant or not (see How to Buy Halal Stocks - Stock Screening Method | IFG)

Finally, one thing worth mentioning is the ethical aspect of investing in some of these mining companies where workers are like slaves, or where they are not well protected such as in the case of Rio Tinto where women have been sexually assaulted etc.

And Allah knows best!