Liquidity Pool Rewards

Salaam Mufti, I would like to know in general, would it be permissible to take the network native reward given when providing liquidity on exchange (Uniswap and/or Balancer) this reward is on top of receiving transaction fees payouts? Uniswap has now offered this additional governance/liquidity pool reward to certain liquidity pools.

Assalaamu alaykum,

It is very difficult to state generally because the mechanics of each token are different and can be quite complex.

Alsalaamu alaykum. At first thank you for your great efforts here . I have a suggestion if possible ? could you choose as example 5 of the most famous currencies which are offering the proof of stake possibility and clarify if they are haram and the reason for that ?

Assalaamu alaykum,

We do not offer individual reviews on Crypto-assets here.

Is there any problem if user provides pair of tokens to liqudity pool, and gets share of all pool. Also he gets reward from transactions made using that pool.
For example we have pool of token ETH and USDC. There are 100 ETH and 1000 USDC in pool. We put 10 ETH and 100 USDC in pool, so we have ~10% of that pool (110 ETH and 1100 USDC). Another user buys 10 ETH for 100 USDC and pool changes to 100 ETH and 1200 USDC. We get reward from fee of that transaction. When we decide to get our tokens from pool we’ll get ~10% of ETH’s in pool and ~10% USDC from pool.