Lending Money to friend regularly - he gives me monetary gift when he repays -is this Riba?

Salamu alaikum Dear all
My friend has a property business - regularly he come to me requesting to borrow money for 8-10 weeks. Hell build his property and sell it - then return the money back to me. He’d borrow from me a few times to do this. Occasionally he’d give me a monetary gift in addition to the debt to say thank you.
He wanted to do this regualarly and he said he didnt mind ensuring that i have a gift of money each time.
this to me (now made as a process) felt like interest. I want to help him but i dont want to take interest however there is a level of opportunity lost on my side as i dont have a large chunk of money to invest in anything while he uses it - is there anything that can be done or should this be purely an act of sadaqah on my side?

Please advise - most appreciated

Wa alaykum salaam,

It is not permissible to accept that gift now since it has become customary and also known. This can fall into the ruling of Riba.

Instead of lending, you can enter into an Islamic Financing with him, where you can profit in a Halal way.

Allah knows best

Can you advise on what Islamic financing means here.
I imagine if I lend the money there is no risk on me.
If I finance him an
I effectively becoming a partner and investing in him and assuming some level of risk ?