Kitchen salesman

Assalamu Alaykum,

I work as a kitchen salesman, i plan the kitchen with the customer and then when it is ready we talk about the price and when we have an agreement then i print the contract, this is basically my job.

Indeed, a kitchen costs a lot and some customers would prefer to pay in installment. In case the customer wants to pay in installment then he has to take the contract whether to a bank to dicuss a loan, or to another department in the company where i work and give them the needed papers including the contract to take a loan from a partner-bank.

I have actually nothing to do with the way the customer pays his kitchen, whether immediately or in installments, it is up to him what he does with the contract we made.

Are my job and salary haram in this case???


May Allah bless you.
From what you have described, I do not see any issues with this role.

And Allah knows best!