Junior Associate at American Law Firm

Asalaamu Alaykum,

I am scheduled to begin as an associate attorney at a law firm in America. The group I was assigned to advises on LBOs, a variety of financing options (bridge loans, mezzanine, second lien, etc.) revolving credit facilities, restructuring, convertible notes, and a variety of other financing arrangements. Institutionally, the desk works with hedge funds, private equity sponsors, investment banks, corporations.

As a junior attorney, much of the work done involves menial labor such as circulating calls, organizing documents, and editing boilerplate contractual provisions.

This was the job I got out of law school, and I am unsure of the permissibility of the work, and unsure of exactly what my role will be in the law firm.

I am seeking some guidance on whether or not the job is likely per se haram, and if not, what sort of work I should avoid or which matters to be request not to be staffed on.

Thank you!