Job Question: Working as a software engineer/ tester in Fintech

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I work as a software tester at an up-and-coming Fintech that focuses on getting regular people to save and invest. Unfortunately the funds they offer are non-Shariah compliant but, ever since I joined, I’ve been pushing for them to introduce Shariah compliant funds and Alhumdulillah the reception has been positive. We’re currently working on other things but iA we should introduce a Shariah compliant fund in the future. However, we also offer other interest-bearing products like savings accounts

My role is completely separate from the finances - I purely function on how the app and platform look and behave. Is this halal for me?


May Allah bless you.

There are two issues when working for a financial institutions: 1) the nature of the role performed within the institution and 2) the source of income.

  1. In regards to your role, my understanding is that you are only testing the software which is already in place. You are not directly involved in facilitating the interest based transactions and neither you are involved in the promotion of those products. For that reason, based on the information you have provided I believe the role as a software tester is halal.
    However if your job involves the engineering of the website and app, then we would require more information to determine the permissibility of the role.

  2. If the majority of the institution’s source of income is made from deposits and shareholders’ capital, then it will be permissible to receive a wage for performing a permissible role.

And Allah knows best!

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Salaam Qasim

Good hear you’re pushing for this.

We’re always here if you need our support/advice to get this sharia-compliant fund off the ground iA.


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