Job Question: Looking for work in the fintech space


I have been unemployed since the start of the year. My area of work is in software development/engineering and I normally prefer to work in the e-commerce sector.
As current conditions as they are due to the pandemic, there is not much available work.

There is a relevant software role at Revolut but what would your thoughts from a Shariah perspective be if I applied for that role? If I go further there are available roles at Asset Management firms, commodities trading in the energy market, building societies etc. Will working at any of these places, but purely in a technical role, be a red flag?

Thank you.

Assalaamu alaykum dear brother,

We pray you find a halal source of income very soon.

In terms of the prospective role at Revolut, it just depends on the nature of the job. Can you share the job description with us for our review?

Waalaikum Salam dear Mufti Saab,

The role is purely a technical one as a frontend developer. I’ve pasted a direct link to this posting on their website.


After reviewing the job description, it is permissible for you to take this role.

Allah knows best.

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May I ask what is the general ruling for similar roles in other sectors? Such as a multinational asset management company.