Job interview on Monday (16th) - is the company PatSnap Permissible to work for?

I have a job interview on Monday and i was just doing some research on the company and im now conflicted on whether working at this company is permissible.

The company is called Patsnap, which is an innovation intelligence software company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect and sift through loads of data to help companies identify technological opportunities that could affect the growth and survival of their business.

the role i have applied for is a product trainer, so i would be training their clients and employees on their systems.

The part i am confused about is that one of their solutions is IP intelligence, which allows their clients to search through all that data and produce analytics to help their clients manage risk, spot new opportunities, and defend their innovations. Basically, software was created to help the clients determine what they should go into next, if the innovation they are currently doing is worth their time and money etc. I saw the word ‘risk’ and now i am panicking that this job is not permissible.

My reasoning is that it is permissible to work for this company because the solution is akin market research but just using artificial intelligence to do it?

Link to their website:
Link to the IP intelligence solution section:

Please advise.


Your interview is in next couple of days. Giving interview does not mean starting to work straight away.

Suggest give your best in the interview and hopefully you can get an answer to this confusion.

Good luck


May Allah bless you.
It depends on the type of clients you will be dealing with. If the clients come from industries like banking and haram food etc, then it could be problematic.
However, Patsnap have a range of clients whose businesses are halal in nature. At first glance, I don’t see any issue with the job you are applying for.

And Allah knows best!

Thank you, i did attend the interview

Thanks for confirming,

Jazakallah Khair