IT help desk job at Panera bread .Halal or not?

Assalam u Alaikum! I left Panera bread long ago as a customer service representative because I had to actively sell pork. Today I got a job offer with Panera as for IT help desk. Mufti in my area told me its ok because A lot of fundings for Paneracome from non-Haram resources hence it’s ok to work in IT. But I am not sure. Even though, Mufti is true.But am I still not participating even passively in sales of pork . Even though my job is just to fix computer issues?


May Allah bless you.
If Panera’s source of income is mainly from halal sources. and the role is within the remit of shariah, then there is no issue.
If you have consulted a local mufti about this matter and he gave you his approval, then you should follow his opinion. I am a firm believer that in general, the local scholars understand their community and the context they live in better than anyone else.

And Allah knows best!

JazakAllah Khair!
We have a muslim brother firm in faith better than I works as a manager there,MashaAllah.I didn’t know
personally that panera’s major fundings are from halal sources.My local Mufti sahib educated me about the fact.And adding further on he said that it is permissible to work in IT department at Panera.
Please see Mufti response below:

It is allowed to work in an IT position there as majority of funds is not from pork sales at Panera.
But my concsience still blames me fro quitting because of pork and coming back even knowing they sell pork.

When you left the first time, you did the right thing as you were actively selling pork products. Now that your role has changed, you do not need to worry about it.
However, if you still do not feel comfortable with the role, then apply elsewhere, and once you get the opportunity, then you can just leave inshaAllah.