IT Engineer - Software Development Company

Assalam oo 3laykom,

I hope you are well @Mufti_Faraz_Adam and @Mufti_Billal

I believe I asked this question sometime ago but as I had only just taken the job I did not have enough information as to what I would be doing there and now I finally do and was really hoping you can guide me.

We are a software development company; they build software for banks. Banks can choose to do a number of things with our software. It generally allows banks to run their operations (offer mortgages and offer saving accounts [interest based however it does not have to be]). We have no control over what the bank decides to do with our software. They can offer savings or mortgages to their customers, they decide the interest rates they do the advertising. We just provide the software solution and provide a support contract, so two income streams, software sales and after support.

My role is to install this software on the banks systems and troubleshoot any issues on the banks servers. I do not develop the software neither do I understand how to develop it. Intrinsically I am an infrastructure engineer who has no involvement in the financing section. My salary is paid by the company from the above two income streams.

Riba wise, I do not witness it, write it, or take it. The banks we sell the software to do.

I have read Imam Abu Hanafi’s opinion here (Is it permissible to work in IT at a bank? | Al-Qalam Sharī‘ah Panel ( who says it is permissible / lawful and a handful of other scholars that say the same. I have also read others scholar responses that say it is not permissible / unlawful.

But really wanted both of your opinions as to the proximity of:

“And do not help each other in sin and aggression. (Verse: 5:2)”
“If Riba comes into my role”

Thank you both so so much.
Wa 3alykom i’ll Salam.

I think software development company should provide all support for their clients