Issue of possession in Dropshipping

Selam Aleykum,

I have a question regarding Dropshipping. As we know the main requirements are ownership and possession of the good. Now the problem of ownership can be solved by a salam contract. As far as I know possession poses the bigger problem. I researched about possession and found this: „Possession refers to having asset risk and control over the asset itself. Possession enables the owner to exercise their authority and will on the asset whilst bearing the risk and liability of the asset.“ Now to my understanding, I do have control over the good because the manufacturer acts on my instructions where to send the good. I also carry liability by not involving the manufacture or supplier in the case of problems. It the good doesn’t arrive or is damaged, I can just refund the buyer with my own money or send a new good for free. I don’t understand what difference it would make if I make a contract with the supplier other than him carrying liability then.
This is not a fatwa and I’m not saying that Dropshipping is halal this way, it’s just my thought about this problem in Dropshipping and I hope @Mufti_Billal and @Mufti_Faraz_Adam can give their opinion on this.