Is working for a company that creates software for credit and risk management halal?

I am looking into joining a fintech company that creates software to facilitate payment, cash management and other financial needs for companies. One of their offerings is explained in their website as follows:

“Streamline your credit management journey by automating processes, enabling prompt and precise credit assessments, and minimizing manual efforts. Leverage our advanced AI-driven credit scoring system and seamlessly incorporate external data sources and credit insurers. Maintain a comprehensive view of risks through 360° monitoring while ensuring a compelling Know Your Customer (KYC) encounter, all with transparency intact.”

As you can see this involves credit management and “credit ensurers”. I am new to the financial sector so I don’t really understand this. I don’t know how much I will be involved with this part of the job, but I’ll assume that I have to create the software that communicates with these insurers.

The job opening corresponds to my profile quite well, but I want to know if it is halal money or not before doing anything.

Thanks in advance!