Is Working as Financial consultant for investors permissible?

Salamo alaykom
I’m 28 years old; I got my degree as a financial Engineer 5 years ago, then I avoid it working in banks and anything related to interest (Riba), and as a consequence, I end up jobless for those 5 years and I didn’t regret it. However, recently my parent’s health deteriorated, I found myself obligated to support and help ( financially). I didn’t have any problem being jobless my entire life (i live in a third-world country where a job is hard to find). But Al hamdollilah, I got an offer to work as a Data Scientist and Financial Consultants for investors. My work is primarily Portfolio Optimization, and as you all know to optimize a wallet, you usually find yourself obligated to combine different asset classes to hedge it, and it can include bounds. The company I’ll work with is specialized in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and it also offers Financial Services using the latest methods in the technology world. is it halal for me to work for them ? is it halal for me to tell clients that they have to invest, for example, 20% of their funds in a specific bound ( to Optimiz their portfolio°


May Allah bless you.
If your job involves advising investors on haram activities then it will be problematic.
Although, if you are in need of income and there is no suitable halal alternative for you to chose from currently, then there might be a possibility for you to take the job temporarily until you find something else inshaAllah.

And Allah knows best!

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Thank you very much!