Is working as a car salesman halal?

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Just wanted to know if working as a car salesman halal?

I got a job offer from:

They offer finance HP, PCP etc. It’s fixed agreements etc.

Can you let me know if it’s permissible?

A quick example of finance from their website:

Representative Example for 2017 BMW X5 Diesel Estate xDrive40d M Sport 5dr Auto [7 Seat] on Hire Purchase:
Cash Price £28,900.00. Total Deposit £4,335.00. Total Amount of Credit £24,565.00. First Payment of £548.86, Followed by 58 Payments of £548.86, with a Final Payment of £548.86. Duration of Agreement is 60 Months. Option to Purchase Fee £10.00. Fees are included in the payments shown. Interest Charges of £8,356.60. Total Amount Payable £37,266.60 Annual Fixed Interest Rate of 12.19%. Representative APR 12.9%.



May Allah bless you.

This will depends on the role. Selling cars is not impermissible in itself. However, if your role also involves convincing the customers to apply for a non shariah compliant contract, then it can be problematic from a shariah perspective.

And Allah knows best!

Jzk for your response.

You mentioned ‘ Selling cars is not permissible in itself’?

Also would it be permissible if I only focused on convincing customers to purchase in full or Hire Purchase, and not take out finance?

And if they still wanted to go ahead with finance I get someone else to take over?


The typo mistake has now been corrected.

I think there are two things here. Firstly. as Muslims, we should always strive to look for jobs that are free from any haram elements. Seeking a halal wage does not exclude the fact you cannot aim for a big career or big salary. This should always be our aim whilst seeking the pleasure of Allah.
I was actually looking at the gold price couple a days ago and converted its rate into the value of the dinar of the time of the prophet (pbuh). I realised that for the preparation of the battle of Tabuk, Uthman (ra) donated (just in gold dinar) the equivalent of £180,000 in today’s money. Where would he find such amount of wealth? This, tells us that the companions too were skilful traders and did not hold back in A) earning halal B) earning as much as possible. Yet, the hard work and the wealth some of them may have had, never affected the fact that they lived to please Allah.

Secondly, when we sign an employment contract, we must honour it. I am not a partisan of telling people to perform certain duties at work and to delegate other tasks to someone else, based on religious ground. So, in the case you mentioned, where you might have to arrange for a financing contract on behalf of the customer, then I cannot tell you to hand the customer over to someone else, as this is not always practical. A time will come where you will either have to do it yourself or, if you don’t, then you will run into trouble with your colleague or manager.

What is the solution?

First, when we take an employment contract, we have to make sure that the company’s main source of income is halal. Secondly, the overall duty we will be performing as part of our role is also halal.
If there is some element of non shariah compliant task associated with our role, then it is permissible to complete it. How much of the non shariah compliant can be tolerated? This is for the scholars to get together and decide on a tolerable limit. Until then, the person herself, should make this judgement by asking the following question: how many times does my job require me to do something non shariah compliant in a month or a year etc. For example, if I work as customer assistant in a supermarket, then how many times do I actually have to fill in the alcohol sections? If I am replenishing the frozen section, then how much of it will be made of halal and haram products?
If I am a security guard, then who and what am I protecting? and how often does it happen? Do I get to choose or is it randomly assigned?
In your case, once you have started work, then ask yourself: how many times will you be offering non shariah compliant contracts? If you feel that the non shariah compliant activity is really a core activity of your role, then my advice would be to seek another employment as soon as possible and once you find something more suitable then to apply for it.
On the other hand, if the shariah compliant activity is not really a core one, and it takes place from time to time, then keep the job, get the experience, but always aim for an alternative which is better and more suitable for yourself and your deen.
Also I am aware that sometimes there will be cases where people have no other choice but to take certain type of employment as they have no other mean of earning money. At the same time, there are people who are not in need of money, yet they find no remorse in taking jobs that are either completely haram, or that involved lot of haram activities. May God help us all!

The above solution is from my understanding only, if I am right, then it is from Allah, and if I am wrong, then it is from myself and shaytan.

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam might have a better explanation that you can follow.

And Allah knows best!

Jzk for your response.

Lastly is the following transaction halal as it’s fixed? I’ve done a bit of research on car finance as long as the term agreement is fixed it’s fine. Companies use the term interest. It’s usually the profit they make from the delayed payment of the vehicle.

Just need some clarification as it can get confusing:

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Finance Example: Cash Price £28,700.00. Total Deposit £5,740.00. Total Amount of Credit £22,960.00. Annual Mileage 10,000 miles. First Payment of £405.14, Followed by 47 Payments of £405.14, with an Optional Final Payment of £12,524.00. Duration of Agreement is 49 Months. Option to Purchase Fee £10.00. Fees are included in the payments shown. Interest Charges of £9,000.72. Total Amount Payable £37,710.72 Annual Fixed Interest Rate of 12.18%. APR 12.9%.

Finance is provided by Black Horse Limited, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH. This is not a commitment to lend and applications are subject to approval. This indicative quotation is subject to change and final figures will be provided on approval and prior to signing the agreement…

Please see the following link: