Is using paypal Halal

I don’t know much about Paypal. I want to ask you a question

My first question
In paypal’s payment method I choose banking. when I entered banking paypal going to deposit 2 small money in my bank for confirming. Is this money haram or halal.
the second question
Is paypal using interest for charge fee
is using paypal halal

Wa alaykum salaam,

If PayPal is used as a means to transfer funds, it is acceptable.

PayPal credit where interest is charged is not permissible.

However, if there is any Halal equivalent to PayPal, that would be the most advisable and best to use. Ensuring our funds flow in halal ecosystems has multiple benefits and ensures our funds are not exposed to Riba inadvertently.

Allah knows best

what about 2 small deposit for confirming by paypal in my bank and using card(debit/credit) is permissible