Is usage of ProQuant halal?

As salamu alikum @Mufti_Faraz_Adam

I’ve come across a platform by Trading212 called ProQuant.

This platform allows you to build or follow automated strategies stocks, forex and cryptos through a mobile app.

It uses something called a “Strategy Generator”, which
“using complex algorithms, it composes strategies automatically, evaluates each strategy by backtesting it against historical data, presents the results in stats and charts and shows the most profitable strategies found. Thus, instead of manually testing the performance of each combination of various rules, traders can set their own basic criteria and ProQuant generates and backtests thousands of possible strategies to present a list of the top performers. The whole process takes mere seconds, then the trader can immediately save the strategies, run or modify them. The PQ strategies run in the cloud utilizing vast computing power so that traders won’t have to deal with any technical issues.”

There are some terminologies that I am not familiar with on the link below:,players.

But I would be interested to know your view on this and if it is halal.

Kind Regards

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