Is there Gharar involved when minting NFTs?

I already know that NFTs are permissible as long as they have no haram attributes or qualities. However, as of late, it is popular for most projects to sell NFTs that are not revealed yet. For example, a collection will mint(sell) 8,888 NFTs on January 20th, and they will not be revealed until February 1st. These NFTs are indistinguishable from one another between that time except for their number. I.E., NFT 1, 2,3 …8888. After February 1st, each NFT will contain a different image that corresponds to a distinct rarity. The higher the rarity, the higher the selling price will usually be, and vice versa. No one knows the rarity because it is generated by a computer and updated when the reveal happens. Is this haram, or is it permissible to mint an NFT?