Is selling white label products halal?

Currently in China there are manufacturers who are making a certain type of product. People like me can buy their product in bulk and the same manufacturer will put my own branding and logo. I then take inventory of the stock and sell it on. This is known as a white label product. Would this be considered halal? Also to add I would be mentioning the company which is manufacturing the product in the listing - but the product would be sold as mine with my brand and packaging.

May Allah bless you.

As long as you are mentioning the name of the manufacturer, then I do not see any issues with it.

However, if someone was to use white label to deceive people by making them believe that he is the real manufacturer, then this would be impermissible.

And Allah knows best!

Jazakallah khair. I recieved some advice from another source that it is not necessary to mention the manufacturer because when selling the product with my logo, I am not actually telling people that I designed and manufactured the product. Would you agree with this? @Mufti_Billal

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I am not sure whether the person in the image is fully correct or not. Also, whilst in the image the person is talking about private labelling (i.e. he tells manufacturer to make to a product to his specifications) and I am white labelling (i.e. manufacturer already has setup to make a specific product and will produce it with my branding, logo and packaging).

However, from Islamic perspective is it okay for me to state I my ‘brand name’ is the manufacturer when white labelling products or is this decieving the buyer?

Because on Amazon products which I can clearly tell have been white/private labelled mostly always state they are the manufacturer.