Is selling using Printful halal (Print on Demand)

Assalamu Alaikum,

I would like to make sure that using Printful is halal before I begin using their services. Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company. I would use Printful to print my artwork on different products to sell on my personal website. I would connect Printful to my online store, so when a customer purchases one of my items the order will be automatically fulfilled by Printful. Printful is responsible for printing , packaging and shipping all orders directly to the customer under my brand.Therefore I won’t have possession of any stock and the products will only be printed once the customer purchases the product.
I am aware that this goes under the ruling of – you can’t sell what you don’t possess however is it permissible to use Printful to sell on my personal website if I include in the terms that I will be outsourcing all my products ?
Jazakallahu khair.

Extra Detail:
Printful charges you for the product and fulfillment
Printful only offers refunds for damaged or mislabeled products, not for buyer’s remorse.