Is profiting from play to earn game tokens (with magical lore) haram?

I have been whitelisted to participate in a pre-sale for a game called Monsta Infinite. The deadline/time to participate is in a few hours. It is unfortunate I did not consider this issue before as I doubt if a Mufti can reply in time.

White paper:

It is similar to Axie Infinity in purpose (play to earn) and Pokemon in the style and lore.

I saw this:
This is not an area I am familiar with. Maybe if there is a difference of opinion on the matter for video games? Surely then, movies/lores like Harry Potter would also be Mukruh/haram?

I was wondering if buying the tokens would be halal? Considering the lore is based around magical creatures called “Monstas” speaking to the “spirits” and the “gods”.

The lore:

I admit, I have not been this strict on movies, shows and games I have played and seen but I feel I have a much greater obligation to understand this issue here as it involves making money and an investment.