Is Print on Demand haram?

Assalamu Alaikum, I’m a little confused about this, I found a couple of answers that this job is allowed halal, but I still doubt it, I wonder if my earnings are halal.
If you can answer specifically, how can I continue my work normally.
Is Print on Demand a halal job?
It’s an online business.I am a graphic designer.
I do not design haram designs, only what is allowed.Now I put my design on some of the platforms, for example Redbubble.These platforms allow designers to put their designs on masks, t-shirts and many other products.Now these products with our design are for sale.When someone buys a product, that platform starts printing, for example a T-shirt. And sends it to the customer.And I, as a designer, get a commission.
T-shirt for 15$ sold
The platform prints the T-shirt and sends it to its customer.
My commission, example $ 4
I hope you stee understand this is a very well known online business.

Is it allowed to sell the women’s wardrobe on which I put my design?
I don’t know who would buy that wardrobe and how he used it. Whether halal ways or haram.

And one more thing.
These platforms are not Muslim.
An example is supported by LGBT and the like.
Is it allowed to work on such platforms?

I hope you understood me.
I really doubt if my earnings are halal.
I asked scholars online, they told me to design only what is halal.

Allah has rewarded you and given you every good.

Salaam, you may want to check this out: Selling on teespring (Print on Demand)