Is Print On Demand HALAL or Not?

Salam Alaykum Muftis. We know that scholars consider Dropshipping haram because you are not owning the product you intend to sell. However, the Print on demand model is different. There are websites that offer the opportunity of putting your own design, such as a quote or a drawing, on their products ( t-shirts, hoodies, coffe mugs, etc.). You can then connect the website and the designed products to your own online store to sell them. This products are printed and ready for sale once a customer decides to buy them.
My question is if this business model is HALAL?
True, you don’t have the products, but unlike Dropshipping, the design is yours, which gives you ownership over the product. Indeed, the customer is not paying you as the middleman because you are not selling finished products from a wholesaler. Actually, you are adding value and effort to the blank tee or products that would not otherwise be for sale. I hope that you might be able to help me Jazakum Allah khayra.

PS. Obviously the designs need to be halal and not contain any haram images or words.