Is Polkadot halal?

I am interesting in investing, trading and using the Polkadot cryptocurrency.

From Investing Question: Is participating in a proof of stake network halal?
I take away that Proof Of Stake in theory is permissible.

It seems to me like it is permissible as there isn’t any inherent riba. Though it does combine different blockchains together. It seems to me that this would be permissible due to the principle that just because the technology can be used for haram, doesn’t make it haram as a whole

I am aware that specific rulings cannot be given on this forum, however I thought it was useful asking anyways in case any information can be given or it anyone does have a potential answer. Especially if DOT is clearly haram due to something I am not aware of.

Jazak Allah Khair, As Salaamu Alaykum



May Allah bless you.

Unfortunately, we do not do crypto screening on this forum. But scholars and even IFG is working in the background to screen tokens or to provide such service in the future.

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Dot is listed on their top 50 review but with an important caveat…see link.