Is Perpetual Futures Trading on Binance halal?

I understand that futures contracts are generally prohibited, but how about perpetual futures which are typically seen in crypto? It solves some of the issues. Because its perpetual, there is no worry about the delivery date, and the contract expiring, rather its continuous which does not create a large gap between the price of the underlying asset and asset, (a very negligible difference usually). The perpetual futures are also different to the options (most explanations i see of prohibition is usually about option and the strike price). It has potential gharrar and maysar, but with risk management, and a trading thesis it would also be negligible. Unlike margin trading the borrowed amount on leverage there is no interest charged immediately as some do or after an hour, rather the maintenance margin is collateral, so there is no repayment, and no riba being charged. The fees can be considered in exchange of using the platform and the transactions. There usually is not an issue of liquidity either because those coins with such less liquidity dont even have futures. I guess the issue is of owning the asset as technically a perpetual futures contract cannot be taken possession of like something in spot. But why cant the contract be considered a separate entity and thus contracts are being traded, where it can be called just as spot, but we are trading contracts. Similar to apartment buildings in the air which are not constructed yet, but can still be bought based off a contract i believe. Its like the first story is spot, the second story in the air is a futures. Lastly, in practice, the future trade is settled just like a spot trade, they almost dont seem different at all, in the application of taking a trade. Allahu alam, may allah guide us