Is nft staking halal or haram?

I have a NFT. If i stake it i will receive 4 USDT everyday. Is it halal? @Mufti_Faraz_Adam
Thank you.

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Yes it is halal , im from pakistan (karachi) and planning to stake nfts too and it will be halal bcz lets take an example ( u buy a house of 1 crore rupees and u rent it on monthly 30,000 rupees now u eaithe take rent 30k per month or 1000 rupees daily (1000× 30= 30,000)… it will be the same thing so if this is halal then staking nfts is also halal
Im also planning to stake cheap nfts and i might need some assistance do contact me on instagram shaheer_k27 if ur willing to help :slight_smile: