Is my marketing business halal? Please help me

I need some urgent advice please.

I recently was in the process of starting a business and couldn’t find anything haraam with it. (I’ve come across many business I’ve wanted to start but found them to be haraam in some sort of way)

So this business was a marketting business.
Where I would use influencers to market products.

Then the other day it suddenly clocked in my head that as I will be using influencers to market products it comes under tabarruj, as I would have women and male influencers who I would use to market products. At first I thought it’s not haraam because it’s not up to me what the female influencers wear when advertising products so I thought it’s allowed. But I searched online and it’s haraam as I’m paying them to advertise the product in the first place.

Please note the products I’ll be giving influencers are completely halal.

I didn’t know how this slipped my mind but I’ve been thinking ever since how do I make it halal?

I can work try and work it it’s male influencers only but it won’t be possible, I have to work with both if I do the business. I wanted to know will I get sin if they choose to use music in their videos? Again I can’t decide what they do in their videos so I can’t stop them if they want to add music. And same with the women, I can’t control what they wear as I’m just helping a company advertise their products.

As my job is to find the brand an influencer who can advertise the product. I won’t be telling them to add music and I won’t be saying not to add it. So it’s simply up to them. Would this be haraam? As I’m the middle man In this transaction.

@Mufti_Billal @Mufti_Faraz_Adam