Is my line of work permissible

I currently started working as Tech Support agent troubleshooting apple products ( IPhone , IPad , AirPods etc) some of the troubleshooting may involve , helping clients manage there subscriptions , And give instructions on how to navigate Apps such as Apple TV , Apple Music etc , is this questionable ?


May Allah bless you.
Overall, the role of a tech support for a company like Apple seems acceptable to me. However, if this involves helping clients from time to time with managing questionable subscriptions then the best thing is to always look for a place where you don’t have to perform such tasks.
So inshAllah, when ever you get the chance, look for something less doubtful from an Islamic perspective, and better financially.

And Allah knows best!

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Appreciated Mufti Saab , will keep what you said in mind Inshallah .