Is my internship haram?

I got an internship offer from an agency that builds websites for financial firms. So I’ll be joining them as a web developer intern.

Now I know many scholars consider this to be haram. Some Hanafi scholars say it’s disliked & better to avoid although it can be permissible if: the job itself is not haram & the majority of the source of the income is not haram.

Now as an intern, I won’t directly be involved in working with the clients. This is what the offer letter says: “You will not work directly on tasks billed to a client; this truly is an internship in the purest sense, focused on learning and growth.”

In this case, will it be haram if I get paid as an intern?

May Allah bless you,
If there is no other alternative, my personal opinion is to proceed with the internship to gain sufficient experience. You can then use this experience to secure a halal role later on inshAllah.

And Allah knows best!