Is musaffa a halal company?

First question: is musaffa a halal company to work in?

Second question: is it halal to invest using musaffa?

jazak Allahu khairn.

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by the way, the website fro musaffa is:

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Wa alaykum salaam,

Musaffa seeks to provide Shariah screening services of stocks which is a Halal service. So working with him would potentially be fine as long as your contract is Shariah compliant.

Allah knows best

jazak Allahu khairn ya sheikh. So, as long as my job contract (with musaffa) is Shariah compliant, then it is permissible for me to work in this company, correct please?

Second question: what about investing in this company? Meaning, is it permissible for me to invest in this company?