Is lucid motors a halal stock/share to invest in


Lucid motors is an electric car company that’s on the rise and I was hoping if it would be possible to have a article similar to the one done about Tesla, whether it is halal or haram to invest in.
I have done some minimal research as to what the company is mainly for and that is its an electric car company which should tick the first box of being halal. I am also under the impression that as it has major backing from American and Saudi investment it’s not a company that’s in debt which ticks another box, however I don’t quite understand the technical parts of the company to do with liquidity and how much of the money if any comes from non-halal investment.

Responses would be greatly appreciated, as I have already invested recently, I would need an answer so that I know whether to withdraw the money from the shares I bought or if I am allowed to carry on investing in them, jazakallah Khair.
Also the platform I am using is trading212 which if I am correct in saying @Mufti_Faraz_Adam already confirmed is permissible to use, it is just whether the shares I buy are halal or not.


Walikum as salam @Raihan_Nazir

At the time of writing this reply, its is coming as shariah compliant as per Islamicly app

Hope this helps