Is Jeff Bezos the dajjal?

Seems to me we are in such catastrophic times and the world hasnt seen the worst yet. One sign of the dajjal is that his right eye is floating like a grape. This seems to be the case for Mr Bezos. However, his antics are noticeable too and we have not seen the worst of his antics.

  • He’s the worlds richest man and his charity efforts are minimal
  • He is arguably the most powerful, economy controlling and clever leader that exists.
  • Bezos deceives the people since thousands of his employees protested his carbon emissions , of those he threatened to fire and now has launched an earth fund because he “cares so much about the planet”
  • His employees work like robot slaves in his warehouses, all whom eventually will be replaced by the robots that bezos is making.
  • Amazon Web Services is the #1 cloud provider in the USA and with ease, can readily access your data in their data centers
  • Amazon has wiped out many small businesses and quite frankly cities near amazon warehouses have higher rent which hurts the common and poor man.
  • Many people are under the spell of amazon for its convenience and skyrocketing stock
  • Amazon products (Ring doorbell, echo and tablets) all send data to the government to watch over our every move
  • Amazon is rapidly expanding in India where the pandemic and farming crisis is causing the deaths of many indians. Ofcourse he doing nothing about it because colonizing India is much easier when Indians are dying and in deep desperation.
  • Amazon is officially now going into healthcare providing solutions to many hospitals and wants to “help” deploy the covid 19
  • Amazon is now certified by FAA for drone deliveries. Given they are a tech company, very likely military drones will be contracted to Amazon for any future warfare , likely stemming in the middle east
  • Amazon has gotten leeway to dispute the $10 billion JEDI defense contract because “Trump chose Microsoft with bias”. Seems Amazon could overrule the decision and take the contract from Microsoft
  • Amazon is working on a vaccine to “cure” the common cold
  • Bezos gave less than 1% of his wealth since the pandemic has started.


May Allah guide you to the truth.

If they sell surah Kahf on Amazon, then no, he is not the dajjal.

Even if he was, a Muslim will continue to be positive, nurture his relationship with Allah, worship and work towards a better society.

And Allah knows best!


@MTW - this is my favourite post of the year. Bezos/Amazon are genuinely powerful and worryingly so and they do abuse it. So a bunch of very fair points.

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