Is it permissible to advertise business on Facebook and Instagram?


This question came to my mind because Facebook and Instagram are very unethical companies, and have been involved in many campaigns against Muslims some of which include:

  • Silencing and censoring posts to do with Muslims (Kashmir, Palestine etc.)
  • Facebook was used as a platform for promoting violence against Rohingyas, their algorithm even promoted such posts, and this was to the extend that Rohingya Refugees are suing Facebook over $150 billion
  • Facebook was used in India to promote violence against Muslims
  • On top of this there are also privacy concerns with regards to Facebook, they are known to have many aggressive data collection practices

Based on all these, my gut tells me that I shouldn’t advertise on Facebook as i would directly be paying a company that has been involved in such horrible things against Muslims.

However, I have also seen many Islamic organisations advertise on Facebook and Instagram, and I know that IFG also advertises or intends to advertise on these platforms (Due to the IFG website having facebook code which is used for advertising)

Therefore my question is, Is it permissible to use Facebook and Instagram Ads (Meta company)? My biggest fear is that on the day of judgement, I may be questioned by Allah SWT why I financially supported a company that was committing evil against our brothers and sisters