Is it Haram to work at Robinhood


I started an internship a few weeks ago at Robinhood on the fraud and security team. I looked into it later and the Robinhood stock is not shariah compliant as a portion of it’s income comes from interest. I made sure I would not be working on any options platform/tools as I know that is Haram, and my role right now is unrelated to that, as it is to increase safety/reduce fraud on the app.

I was wondering what the Islamic ruling on whether it’s halal or Haram for me to continue working here considering the HOOD stock is not shariah compliant.

Wa alaykum salaam,

If your role involves only Halal activities and you yourself are not involved directly in a non-compliant activity, then your income would be Halal as that is in lieu of the work you do. Of course, we should strive to be part of entities whose core business is Halal and is involved in only Halal activities.

Allah knows best

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it cleared my confusion :slight_smile: thanks a lot