Is it haram to be a CEO in western countries?


I have three hypothetical questions that will help me understand the limit of “helping someone in sin” and at what point I am questioned about that.

  1. If I have a store that I rented but I wasn’t told what he’ll do with the store, then I found out that he’s using it to sell/store alcohol. Am I obliged to cancel the contract? and what if the contract was for 5-10 years and I can’t cancel the contract or it will cause complications? I am forced to ask the client what he’ll do with the store to ensure its halal? and what if it was mixed (like Tesco renting my store)
  2. If I own a money processing company (like Mastercard/Visa) and a client that sells alcohol or, for example, Tesco, (which sells prohibited stuff too) or even halal supermarkets that sell cigarettes, asked me to give them my service. Is it haram to give it to them (the card payment machine for money processing)?
  3. If I was the CEO of a money processing company like Visa or Mastercard, yet I am not the owner, so I am obliged to allow the service to be given to everyone to maximise profits, does that means its haram for me to be the CEO of that company? Also, as the CEO of a western company (and probably eastern too) I might need to raise loan at the lowest interest rate which probably won’t be an Islamic bank and when I become the CEO there might be already interest-bearing debt that the company already took and it might not be the smartest (commercial wise) to repay the loan due to small interest payments. So in conclusion, my job may include haram elements to maximise profits for shareholders. Does that mean it’s haram for me to be a CEO in a western country?

Thanks In advance,
Muhab Hasan

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I would like to know the answers too! Specially for the last question.