Is it halal to work for non-profit health insurance company

I did a lot of research on the question and I’m still in doubt. I could really use your insight. If you don’t mind answering, I would like to ask if working at a health insurance company is haram or halal.

Some context: The insurance company states it is a non-profit, mutual insurance company (Florida Blue). The job is in the tech department where you would deal with programming applications and/or data entry.

An answer from a person of knowledge would be helpful as I do not know what route to go with. I really want the job but I don’t know if it is conflicting with my religion. If you could help answer that would be really helpful and I would really appreciate it.

Jazak Allah khayran

May Allah bless you.
One facet of the question pertains to employment within an insurance company, even if it operates as a mutual insurance entity. Unless it obtains certification as Shariah-compliant, it is likely to follow a conventional model that may involve engaging in activities considered forbidden, such as investing in interest-bearing products as part of managing customers’ premiums.

Working for such a company is often regarded as impermissible from a religious perspective. Nevertheless, some scholars may permit it under certain circumstances, particularly in Muslim minority countries where finding strictly halal employment can be challenging. In such cases, the specific role one performs within the company should also be free from involvement in any form of prohibited activities.

And Allah knows best!