Is it halal to receive Free sign up bonus from brokers

Is it Halal to receive free sign-up bonus stock from brokers? The stock rewarded may or may not be halal. If it’s not halal, then is it permissible to sell that and use the cash to buy other halal stock. I have a 1:1 margin account. The benefit of this account is that you don’t have to wait for you cash to settle after selling, you can immediately buy even though cash has not settled yet. Is is haram to trade with this account?. Would it still be haram to use this type of account if I only trade with settled cash.

May Allah bless you.
It is not permissible to accept and sell haram stock to buy halal ones with it.
I cannot comment on the margin account as it would need more details and time to understand its structure.

And Allah knows best!