Is it halal for an M&A Advisor to negotiate a majority equity deal?


I work in M&A at a boutique investment bank in the U.S.A. Is it permissible for me to advise on a deal (halal company) that’s going to receive an equity investment but after the deal the buyer plans on adding a small credit facility? For context, the capital stack will be 93% equity after the deal. I won’t be raising or negotiating the debt, only helping facilitate information exchange between the client and buyer.


May Allah bless you.
In that particular case, as long as you haven’t advice on the credit facility or helped on the structuring, then it will be ok. However, working for an conventional investment bank is questionable and seen by many scholars as impermissible.
If there is an opportunity to move into the halal banking and finance industry then you should do so inshAllah.

And Allah knows best!