Is it halaal to work at Clearbanc?

I am currently doing my MBA and one of the companies I want to target for my post-MBA employment is Clearbanc. Clearbanc is a Canadian company that introduced a new type of business model of funding small businesses.

It does not charge interest nor does it take equity from the businesses. They go on a revenue-sharing agreement with the businesses they fund. Also, they charge a 6-12% charge for processing the funding.

I want to pursue a Product Manager role at Clearbanc and I would like to get your perspectives on whether it will be halaal. Please check out the FAQ section of their website to have a better idea on their business model -


May Allah bless you.
I cannot give a general answer at this stage. However, this will depend on the type of companies they are working with. They may have a revenue sharing arrangement with non shariah compliant companies. This could affect the shariah compliance of your source of income.
Secondly, the role you will be performing might not be permissible if you are assisting in helping non shariah compliant companies in their growth.

And Allah knows best!