Is investing with halal?


I’m wondering if you can advise whether investing with is halal?


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Seconding the request, I am wondering about this as well

The way I see it although it has originally been started to share music, it can essentially turn into a platform for sharing anytype of audio files, currently there Quran recordings availablle on Audius right now…is it will be like a spotify or youtube where ppl will listen to what they want…

could a scholar please advise on its halal status thankyou

@Mufti_Faraz_Adam @Mufti_Billal

Please can you give a response on this?

Jazakhalah Khairan.


If you are referring to Audius crypto token, then unfortunately we are not screening any cryptos on the forum. However, I would not encourage investing in a platform that promote music since most scholars in Islam do not see music as halal.

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Jazakhalah Khair for the response.