Is investing in this stock Halal? Also I'm receiving RSU's from it

Al Salam Aliakum,

I was wondering if investing in this company Delivery Hero (DHER) Halal Or Not? The business in its essence (delivering food and groceries) is OK however I’d say there is a component of delivering other haram products like pork (and perhaps alcohol) in it’s European and other markets.

Luckily for me though this company owns entities/companies in middle east which are the most profitable companies from my understanding from their other companies which span in 50+ countries. Also they own and operate cloud kitchens and their own stores in Middle East but not sure about other regions. (In non Middle East countries they might be cooking pork and meals with the occasional alcohol additives) but again this is an assumption. However like I said the business in its essence is OK as they mostly deliver food out for example McDonalds/KFC resturants (and this is the biggest part of their business - i.e. delivery).

I’d like to know if it’s halal or not to invest in this company to begin with?

Also I am an employee of the company and part of my salary package is RSU’s issued to me through a vesting plan. This is a good chunk of the salary and is given to me as certain amount of Euros per year however the number of RSU’s are awarded according to average share value for the month the vesting date is due. For example I am entitled to 5000 Euros every 3 months, the company would then look into the average of the stock price for the month when the vesting date is due and will award me with 5000 euros worth of RSU’s with a one year cliff. Now according to this post if investing in this company is Haram then I am assuming I might be entitled to take the principal amount of the RSU’s and get rid of the appreciated value (if any)? Please let me know your thoughts on the above 2 questions.

Jazak Allahu Khairan.