Is Forsage Site Halal or Haram?

Assalamualaikum ,

I want to Know that, as a Muslim is it Halal or Haram to work on website ???


Wa alaykum salaam,

What work will you be carrying out?

I want to work on there …

What work will you be carrying out?

Salaams Mufti Saab,
I’ll try and explain a little about this program and please let me know if any part of this looks haram.

In this program, you need to start by investing 0.05 ETH. All the money you invest is handed over to the person that invited you to the program. Similarly, everyone you invite, their money is given to you.

You are entered into a type of MLM system called a Matrix. Essentially, money is passed around from person to person. I don’t think there is any underlying asset. Its just money that goes to other members
through some confusing and complex network.

So that’s the first issue. Is there anything Islamically wrong with passing money from one to the other in this network, depending on where you fall within the matrix and how many people you invite?

Secondly, there marketing video states that there is no risk, but at the same time, they say that the income is not guaranteed.

Although it is possible to make money without inviting other people, it is highly unlikely, because it depends on the people above and below you to work hard in order for you to make money.

But the main amount of money is made through referring others.

So the second issue is that there is no risk but income is not guaranteed either. Is there any issue with that in the shariah?

I hope this explanation is enough to determine if this program is shariah compliant or not.