Is Drop Servicing Halal?

My question is that. Let me give an example to explain my query

Suppose I have a website such as Logo Design. And i have the plans for the different prices for the logo. And now i got a client and he first purchased one of my plans.
And then i went to the freelancing websites like fiverr and bought one of the plans of the freelancer and paid him. He then deliver my logo and then after that i deliver the logo to the client that was purchased by the client from my website.

Is this whole thing HALAL or HARAM?


May Allah bless you.
Drop servicing concept is halal if the terms and conditions of the contract is shariah compliant too.
One thing you must ensure is that, you should not mislead the customer to believe that you are the one who will be providing them with the service.

And Allah knows best!

Thank you for the response.

So I have to write in the price plans that I’m not the one providing the service?

You can write it anywhere that is relevant to the customer, like in the T&C’s for example.

@Mufti_Billal can you please explain or point to where one can learn what terms and conditions are needed for the contract to be shariah compliant? Jazakallahu Khair