Is betting without money haram?

Selam Aleykum,

recently I found that Binance has a campain called “Football Fever”. Basically it is about the football world cup in Qatar. It is a form of sports betting, but you do not use any money. If you want to participate in this campain, you only need to hold a specific token (fan token from a football team) and you can start betting. After the event you can resell the token it if you want.
Like sports betting, you can win something if you guessed right and here you can earn nfts and even have the chance to win money, in form of crypto (if I correctly understood it).

Is it permissible to partipate in this campain?


May Allah bless you.
I have not seen any issues in the structure of the Binance Football Fever. However, the rewards given to the winner must be shariah compliant.

And Allah knows best!

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