Is AvaTrade good and how does it rate on the Sharia compliance scale?


I’m from Australia and new to investing. While doing some research I found this website, and was really keen to start with Wahed after all I read/watched on it here.

However, Wahed is not available in Australia yet, so I tried to find something that is.

That’s when I came across AvaTrade:

They have an option to have an Islamic account. I can’t find anything that says if any Islamic authority actually approves this, and I’m just not sure how to make sure they truly are compliant. Can any one advise?

Also, there’s a bit of Jargon on the page regarding fees, nothing so clear and easy as the info panels that come up when you hover over a product in the IFG Halal investment table. I don’t understand what the fees are, can someone help me navigate this?

Finally, would you recommend any other product that is available in Australia which facilitates islamic trading?

Would really appreciate any help on the above :slight_smile: