Is AI generated Art haram?

now with these new AI generative art ,like Dall-e2 midjourney and others which only requires a prompt of text and the AI will generate new unique image of it,
is this considered as humans drawing or painting as haram “meaning like drawing living beings”
or not

May Allah bless you.
I personally would not consider AI generated images as haram as longer as it doesn’t show anything haram such as nudity etc. However, other scholars would probably extend the meaning of “drawing” to AI generated images too. Hence if you can avoid it, then it is best to do so.

And Allah knows best!

thanks for your reply,
what you mean it dose not showing any thing haram? is that includes living beaning like humans,animals
or just haram things like nudity ,

@Mufti_Billal using AI you can also faceswap, so for example you could take a picture of an actual humans face and place it on a viking warriors face or whatever Art you generated with AI.

haram or?

it depends if u go with opinion of scholars that reflection of images like actual camera digital image and video image is allowed then it would be prohibited but some scholars allow digital drawing and state it does not come under the category of prohibited art thats physical art so to be on safe side imo do not edit it bro.

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