Is Adyen NV stock shariah compliant?

Assalamoe alaikoem wa rahmatoellahi wa barakaatoeh

Question: Is Adyen NV stock shariah compliant?

Adyen NV, formerly Adyen BV, is provider of mobile, online and point-of-sale (POS) payment solutions based in the Netherlands. It operates an online platform enabling merchants to accept payments internationally and from all sales channels, such as online shops, mobile payments from applications and Websites, and POS, such as countertops, mobile terminals, tablets and cash registers, among others. The platform covers the entire payment chain, including technical, contractual, reconciliation and settlement processes.

The platform is available in the form of ready-to-use payment pages (HPP), application programming interface (API), and client-side encryption solution (EE). The Company’s customers include Mango, KLM, Netflix, Superdry, Uber, Groupon and Crocs, among others. It has offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, China, Australia, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the United States.
I could not find any information involving them with HARAM things such as Riba (Wa Allahu Aalam), for a specific information you may visit Adyen’s website

Respected Mufti @Mufti_Billal and Mufti @Mufti_Faraz_Adam, I admire your expertise in this matter could you please share your insightful feedback on this topic?

JazakAllah khair