IPO stocks investment

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
A number of IPO stocks came out recently on NASDAQ.
Where to find the financial data for these new companies to determine if these new Stocks are halal ?
Especially i want to know if the following new Technology stocks are halal :
Unity Software (U)
Array Technology (ARRY)
GoodRx (GDRX)

There is also a plan for a new IPO for EV battery maker Quantam Space with the Ticker QS in near future.
How to know if it will be halal to invest into this upcoming IPO ?
I really appreciate your help.
Many thanks.

Walikum as salam zahidur,

Every company that is going for listing issues a document beforehand called IPO prospectus. These should have financial data for the company. It would more than likely be on their company website or just goggle.

Good luck