Investor Services

Salaams, I currently work at an investment bank within investor services for unregistered products (pension plans, LPs etc). While I don’t advise clients, our clients do send instructions to buy or sell shares of these funds. I do facilitate these share transactions with our custodian but I do not handle or deal with the underlying securities within these funds which I’m sure some consist of non shariah compliant assets. Our PMs sell whatever they decide they want to in the fund to make sure there is cash for the client. Does that make my job haram?

Salaams, your role in facilitating share transactions for unregistered products like pension plans and LPs at an investment bank is quite complex. While you are not directly advising clients or handling the underlying securities, the involvement in transactions of potentially non-Shariah compliant assets could raise questions. It’s important to consult with a knowledgeable Islamic finance expert or a religious authority who understands the nuances of Shariah law in financial matters. They can provide a more definitive answer on whether your job aligns with Islamic principles.